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Need help building your booth? We can help you and we have several talented partners aswell!

Quotation provided on request.

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Extra vägg (LPM)

Extra vägg (pris per LPM)
350,00 kr excl tax


2.881,00 kr excl tax

Låsbart utrymme, 1x1 m

Låsbart utrymme, 1x1 m
1.225,00 kr excl tax

Målning annan färg inkl återst (LPM)

Målning annan färg inkl återst (pris per LPM)
513,00 kr excl tax

Ramp wood (LPM)

Ramp wood (pris per LPM)
331,00 kr excl tax

Snickeriservice exkl material (TIM)

Snickeriservice exkl material (pris per TIM)
850,00 kr excl tax